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Wholly Veggie! Sweet Curry Carrot Veggie-full Patties (300g)

Wholly Veggie! Sweet Curry Carrot Veggie-full Patties (300g)

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Take your senses on an all-out adventure with Sweet Curry Carrot patties. While the aroma of curry delights your nose, your eyes get to feast on dazzling vitamin-A rich carrots. All the while, you get to savour a hint a sweetness thanks to drop of natural honey. Finally, protein-packed lentils give you the energy boost you need to keep you invigorated long after your meal is done.

Ingredients: corn, carrot, lentils cage free egg white powder, non-modified rice starch, non-modified potato starch, non-modified corn starch, sunflower oil, spices, vinegar solids, pea protein, honey, salt, garlic powder. Non-GMO.

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