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What About: The Universe by B. Fichou (HC, pp. 78)

What About: The Universe by B. Fichou (HC, pp. 78)

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Hardcover, 78 Pages (7.94" x 11.45") | by Bertrand Fichou, Ill. by Pascal Lemaître

What is the universe? Can you travel in time? Will humans ever live on other planets? Curious kids want to know, and they will get the answers to these questions and many more in this exceptional illustrated Q&A book. Questions about astronomy are answered in a fun, kid-friendly way and accompanied by quirky cartoon illustrations that will entertain readers and help them remember important facts.

  • 80 pages of educational, science-related questions and answers for kids ages 7 and up
  • Fun illustrations that engage readers while helping them learn
  • Educational content reviewed by a science expert

What About: The Universe is a Q&A book that offers easy-to-understand answers to tough science questions!

  • Great family and classroom read-aloud book
  • Illustrated, nonfiction books for kids
  • Educational books for elementary school students
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