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Unbun, Keto Pizza Crust (200g)

Unbun, Keto Pizza Crust (200g)

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Keto Pizza Crust

Unbun Foods is a Toronto based, certified keto, paleo, grain-free & gluten-free food company.

The mission is simple: to give people that follow low-carb, paleo gluten-free, grain-free and plant based diets the option to still enjoy their favourite meals at home without compromising taste or quality of dining experience. First and foremost, unbun products taste amazing, they just happen to be keto, paleo, grain-free and gluten-free. They love what they do and hope you do too!

unbun started in a 1-bedroom condo!
In 2018, unbun founder Gus Klemos was wanting to be able to enjoy his favourite burgers and sandwiches, but without the guilt, gluten, and empty carbs associated with buns made from processed white flour. Alternatively, the gluten-free options were essentially the equivalent of sugar, preservatives, and chemical binders/gums. Even worse were the messy, unsatisfying "lettuce buns" which were typically the only available low-carb options.

Needless to say, after identifying this problem in the market, Gus knew he had to come up with a solution.

"The growing percentage of keto, paleo & gluten-free diners now have a way to enjoy their favourite foods without cheating, breaking their diets or exposing themselves to ingredients they're intolerant to."

Ingredients: water, blanched almond flour, pumpkin seed protein powder, coconut flour, psyllium husk, olive oil, coconut milk, flax meal, chia seed meal, apple cider vinegar, paleo baking powder (baking soda, cream of tartar, salt).


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