The Pie Commission, Pulled Pork Savoury Pie (290g)

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Braised pork shoulder in The Pie Commission's own smokey BBQ sauce made with tomatoes, onions, cumin, paprika and chilies.

Born and baked in Toronto, The Pie Commission serves gourmet, handmade, savoury pies.

Ingredients: pastry (flour, butter, water, sugar, salt, egg wash); filling (sliced onions, pork, seasoning salt, black pepper, ketchup, liquid smoke (natural hickory flavour, caramel, salt, vinegar, molasses), dijon mustard, chicken stock (water, white onions, garlic, peppercorns, bay leaves, carrots, thyme, chicken bones), cider vinegar, worcestershire sauce, garlic, brown sugar. CONTAINS: egg, milk, mustard, wheat.