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Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Rwanda Huye Mountain (340g) | Single Origin

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Rwanda Huye Mountain (340g) | Single Origin

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The Story
David Rubanzangabo operates the Huye Mountain washing station with an emphasis on community, and a strong dedication to the farmers it serves, resulting in a bright coffee with a fine, balanced acidity.

He manages two washing stations in the Huye district within Rwanda's southern province. Rwanda is called “The Land of a Thousand Hills,” and Huye is no exception. The farmers who deliver coffee to the Huye washing stations cultivate their Bourbon variety in the verdant mountain highlands between 1600 and 2200 meters of elevation.

Through Stumptown's relationship with David, they’ve contributed a social premium to support a variety of projects for Huye producers — from a clean water well to health insurance and a microlending program. And in 2020, Stumptown helped co-fund the construction of a coffee nursery and an initiative put forth by David to help to increase productivity by distributing new seedlings to Huye farmers.

Tasting Notes: Crisp citrus and melon with a long, honeyed finish.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Since their beginnings, Stumptown has searched the world for the best coffee out there. That coffee grows in mountainous regions of the tropics — farms perched at high elevations with warm days, cool nights, and distinct rainy and dry seasons. Microclimates, soil composition, coffee cultivars, and post-harvest processing methods can each contribute distinct dimensions to the cup.

The Stumptown coffee team spends about half the year in producing countries, meeting directly with their producer partners on their farms, at their mills, and in their cupping labs.

The effort is worth it. Stumptown is not doing it the easy way by buying bulk, mid-quality beans anonymously from a trading house. Instead, they go right to the source of the best coffee — that farm atop a hill in Ethiopia, for example. They hike through fields, stand among coffee drying decks, and sit down to share a meal and talk about the crop with producers they’ve met many times.

Stumptown routinely pay producers well in excess of what they could receive on the commodity market, but they understand that their coffee demands more work — hand-picking each cherry at ideal ripeness and processing it with great attention to detail.

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