Stumptown Coffee Roasters, El Puente Coffee Beans (340g)

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Store in a cool, dry place | Origin: Honduras

The Story

Stumptown has cherished their friendship with husband and wife team Moisés Herrera and Marysabel Caballero since they first started buying their impeccable coffee in 2004.

As a fourth generation coffee farmer, Marysabel Caballero’s bond with coffee is intimately connected to her history; coffee cultivation in her family dates back to 1907. Moises Herrera came into coffee as an employee of a Guatemalan coffee exporter. On a visit to Honduras in 1992 he saw an area with ideal conditions to produce high quality coffee. They were married in 1996 and together they began planting and cultivating coffee.

Moisés and Marysabel use spring water during coffee processing. After fermentation, they siphon the water to a holding pond where it is treated before being safely returned to the stream.

Chinacla looks very different from most places we visit. The interesting blend of coniferous and broad-leaved trees creates a unique landscape that can remind one of the Pacific Northwest.

Flavour Notes: This cup boasts notes of toasted sugar sweetness and juicy ripe plum.