Stirling Creamery, Whey Butter (454g)

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With a super creamy, deep buttery flavour, this exceptional product is made from whey cream (created during the production of fine cheeses) that’s churned into butter. This butter has a superlative depth of flavour that’s slightly nutty, earthy and silky like a beautifully ripened soft cheese.

  • Barrel-Churned
  • Nut-Free

Ingredients: whey cream (milk), salt.

Stirling Creamery™ range of butters means you get incomparable flavour without additives, preservatives or anything artificial. Creamy, smooth and full-flavoured with a lasting finish – some say Stirling Butter is like a well-crafted cheese.

Stirling takes its time to make exceptional butters slowly, because good things are worth waiting for. Stirling Creamery™ butter is the secret ingredient in your pantry to make any home cook shine like a culinary all-star.