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Splendor – A Card Game Race of Spoils by Renaissance Gem Merchants

Splendor – A Card Game Race of Spoils by Renaissance Gem Merchants

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Ages 10+ • 2-4 Players • 30+ Mins to Play

Splendor is a fast, elegant, and intuitive game in which players compete to build Renaissance Europe’s most lucrative and prestigious jewelry business. Collect raw gems to fund the development of mines throughout the world, acquire the means to transport them, artisans to shape them, and a storefront where they can sell them.

In Splendor, you lead a merchant guild. Using tokens representing gemstones, you will acquire developments which produce new gems (bonuses). These bonuses reduce the cost of your purchases and attract noble patrons.

Each turn is quick: one, and only one, action!

The first player to reach fifteen prestige points by accumulating nobles and development cards triggers the end of the game.

  • The player whose business earns the most prestige wins.
  • Players vie for control of gem mines, trade routes, and storefronts to master the gem trade and attract the attention of various Nobles.
  • By acquiring gem cards, players work to accumulate victory points in a race for prestige and glory.
  • A simple mechanic makes Splendor easy to learn but offers a challenging puzzle every time.

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