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Simply Organic

Simply Organic, Saffron (0.5g)

Simply Organic, Saffron (0.5g)

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Pure organic, Spanish saffron threads (Crocus sativus). This exotic spice is the stigmata and styles of the Crocus sativa flower. Its subtle flavour is perhaps somewhat floral, but it’s an incomparable taste that just needs to be experienced. To add to the mystery, most of the threads appear dark pink-red in colour, but lend dishes a deep yellow hue. Don’t let their delicate appearance fool you. These tiny threads infuse their potent colour and flavour essences to transform every dish they touch. No GMOs. No ETO (considered carcinogenic by the EPA). Not irradiated. Certified Organic by QAI. Kosher Certified by KSA.

Sourcing matters. Simply Organic sources their organic saffron from the Castilla de la Mancha region of Spain, where saffron grows best. Saffron plants only flower for 10 days each year. (This is why it’s the world’s most precious spice.) Workers hand-collect the flowers, then the threads are hand-plucked from inside the flowers.

Simply Organic's sourcing partner shares their values for sustainable agriculture and for helping their community. Their partners have set aside an area to create an “herb school” that will give hands-on education to help develop sustainable agriculture. Real relationships with growers, for real spices you can feel good about.

Origin: Spain.

Ingredients: organic saffron.

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