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Simply Organic

Simply Organic, Basil (15g)

Simply Organic, Basil (15g)

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Store in a cool, dry place.

Simply Organic's dried basil is nothing more than pure, extra-fancy grade, whole organic Egyptian basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum). And that's a good thing. No GMOs. No ETO (considered carcinogenic by the EPA). Not irradiated. Certified Organic by QAI. Kosher Certified by KSA. Pungent, aromatic, woodsy and herbaceous. Sweet, with slightly minty notes. This is real basil.

Simply Organic gets real about flavour potency. Why insult your taste buds with dull, nearly tasteless basil? Simply Organic harvests theirs from the plant just before flowering, when its volatile oils are at their peak. Then they fast-dry the leaves at low temperatures to preserve the oils. The result? Delicious, potently flavoured dried basil. Yes, it is possible.

Origin: Egypt

Ingredients: basil.

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