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Science Made Simple by V. Williams (HC, pp. 224)

Science Made Simple by V. Williams (HC, pp. 224)

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Hardcover, 224 Pages | By Victoria Williams | ISBN: 9781645172543

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Explore the incredible world of science with this colorful and illustrated guide.

Science Made Simple will help children understand science topics taught at school and also encourage them to dive deeper and discover more about the world around them. With accessible text, colorful illustrations, and handy graphs, this guide will develop readers’ knowledge and confidence—and expose them to the amazing world of science. Ten chapters discuss topics such as earth science, biology, physics, and chemistry, and explore the links between them. Each chapter also contains several short quizzes, allowing readers to test their knowledge.

About the Author:

Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams is a writer with an academic background in science. She has a BSc in Evolutionary Biology and is studying for an MSc in Science Communication. She has written both in-house and freelance for several magazines, including World of Animals, How It Works, and Science+Nature.

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