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Savör, Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil (300g)

Savör, Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil (300g)

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Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

Savör Sundried Tomatoes have a sweet tart taste and their jarred tomatoes are marinated in light, fresh tasting Organic Sunflower oil. Organic and Kosher, these bursts of flavor are dried in the Mediterranean sun before being packed into a re-sealable jar for your convenience! Add the tomatoes to pasta, salads and pizza for a bright burst of flavor and color or eat straight from the jar.

  • Organically grown and dried in the Mediterranean sun
  • With a sweet-tart taste they are great for pasta, salads, pizza or snacking on their own!

Ingredients: organic sundried tomatoes, sunflower oil, salt, citric acid.

About Savör
From crackers to cheese, maple syrup to olive oil, Savör offers a wide range of high-quality food in a variety of categories so you can stock your pantry with premium, all natural, and organic items that taste great.

Savör is guided by the following core beliefs:

Food should be nutritious – Savör believes in direct to source, natural foods with minimal processing; food should be as close to farm to fork as possible.

Food should be delicious – Savör believes healthy eating should be simple and delicious. So we source the best quality products you can trust & that taste great.

Nutritious and delicious food should be accessible to more people – Savör strives to provide better value items to customers and consumers, because everyone deserves healthier food options.

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