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Redecker, Soft Tip Bristle Brush (32x5cm/12.6x2")

Redecker, Soft Tip Bristle Brush (32x5cm/12.6x2")

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Approx. 32x5cm/12.6x2"

This delicate bristle brush with a soft tip enables you to clean water bottles, and glass jars, kitchen appliance parts thoroughly. The stiffer plant fiber brushes are ideal for gentle scrubbing.

No more plastic dish brushes! This beautiful beechwood dish brush with natural tampico bristles will sit perfectly by your kitchen sink. Make it part of a terrific gift combo!

Size: Approx. 32x5cm/12.6x2"

Made in Germany.


For three generations and more than 80 years: brushes and much more from Versmold, Germany.

Founder Friedel Redecker earned his living as a brushmaker because he went blind as a child. His inventiveness, his sense of quality and persistence brought about a company that is selling its natural products world-wide after three generations.

The first handcrafted Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. A lot has changed since then. Today, the name Redecker stands, as it has for many years, for an ideal combination of natural quality, function, and design. It lives from their very own blend of inventiveness, sound craftsmanship, and creativity.

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