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Real Treat, Organic Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies (154g)

Real Treat, Organic Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies (154g)

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Organic Brown Sugar Shortbread
During the Holidays, Real Treat's founder Jacqueline Day's favourite cookies growing up were the shortbread her Gramma made. So good that when she went off to school these became her go-to year-round when she was craving the comforts of home. The Real Treat™ version is inspired by these memories and, like Gramma’s, are rich with great butter from Alliston, Ontario. Made with brown sugar, these shortbread cookies are not too sweet and have a pleasing firm bite.

Ingredients: wheat flour*, butter*, sugars (cane sugar*, molasses*), salt, vanilla* [ *: Organic ]

Contains: butter, wheat May Contain: pecans, almonds, eggs

As per Real Treat's founder, Jacqueline Day:

"Some of my favourite memories are of evenings spent next to a camp fire, followed by resting my sun-kissed weary head on the pillow at the end of the day, with my hair at my nose smelling of wood smoke and lake water. This cookie evokes that memory with house-smoked pecans and that other staple of a good life: a brown butter cookie with premium dark chocolate chunks."

Real Treat’s mission is to create indulgent cookies made with clean ingredients that don’t have the potential to be laden with toxic chemical residues. That is why Real Treat is committed to using only certified organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. Certified organic by EcoCert® to Canadian, USDA, and EU Standards.

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