Pure Living, Lucia Nos. 1-4 - Assorted Soy Candle Set | 15 Hours Each

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N°1 Lindseed Flower & Goat Milk. Treat yourself by relaxing in your home or entertaining friends and family with this highly aromatic, natural 100% soy candle blended with lindseed flower and sweet vanilla extract.

N°2 Laurel Leaf & Olive. This laurel leaf & olive candle made from 100% organic soy is ideal for evening relaxation, bath time bliss or to create a soothing and uplifting atmosphere.

N°3 Tea Leaf & Honey Flower. Enjoy hours of aromatic pleasure with this exquisite bouquet of freshly grown tea leaf and honey flower candle made from natural 100% organic soy.

N°4 Mandarin & Tomato Flower. This garden fresh accord of mandarin & tomato flower is made from pure essential oils and natural 100% organic soy.

Burning cleanly for over 15 hours, all Lucia candles are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to existing petroleum based paraffin candles. Pure Living's organic soy is sourced from farming collectives all over the world encouraging fair-trade communities.