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Pasta Toscana, Organic Spaghetti Pasta (454g)

Pasta Toscana, Organic Spaghetti Pasta (454g)

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Born from the intuition and continuous research of Pastificio Fabianelli, Pasta Toscana's pasta not only has excellent organoleptic properties but it helps preserve our health by facilitating the digestive process and contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Pasta Toscana uses high quality hard wheat coming from a qualified supply chain of Italian and Tuscan farmers and the pure water from our territory to offer a product that respects man and environment.

Ingredients: organic durum wheat semolina, water

100% Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Starting from 2020, Pasta Toscana's packs are 100% eco-sustainable. They (as we do) strongly believe that recycling is essential, for our planet and for all of us. This is why reducing the impact of packaging on the environment is one of our main goals. Their new packs are made with recyclable paper, respecting the environment without altering the quality and taste of the product. All Pasta Toscana’s packaging bear the sustainable seal 100% recycling paper.

The scrupulous selection of raw ingredients is only the first step of the marvelous course that the Fabianelli family has handed down with passion and devotion for over 150 years.

This process culminates with bronze drawing at low temperatures so that the nutritional properties of the wheat remain intact and give our pasta the right perfume, texture, taste and roughness a real joy for the palate.

Everything starts from Tuscany where premium quality hard wheat is farmed, where the spring water used to knead the dough runs and it’s here you’ll find the modern plant where the dough is bronze-drawn. And this is where the ancient art of the master pasta makers has been handed down since the past 150 years.

Tuscany is the spirit of Pasta Toscana's pasta. The selection of the best hard wheat, farmed according to the strict agronomic standards of integrated agriculture, is a guarantee of quality and the starting point for a short supply chain entirely developed within the region.

To be exact, it’s in Castiglion Fiorentino, an enchanting town close to Arezzo overlooking the Tuscan hills, that the Fabianelli family pursues its passion for pasta since 1860. The same passion that has been handed down for 4 generations engaged in keeping the authentic taste of the most appreciated Italian dish.

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