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Parks Board Game

Parks Board Game

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Ages 10+ • 1-5 Players • 40-70 Minutes to Play

Every Purchase Supports The National Park Service

Encounter the US National Parks in the award-winning, immersive board game, PARKS. Hike along a different trail every season, take in the sights, and experience the beauty of our parks in a new way. Get game night on the calendar, hit the trails, and make lasting memories... Happy hiking!

Explore US National Parks
In this unique collaboration with the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, you’ll score points by visiting as many uniquely illustrated parks as you can while hopefully snapping a few photos of your journey along the way.

Journey Through Nature
Hike your way through a wide variety of scenic trail sites and national parks to collect resources and take in the sites. New seasons change the trail with unique new opportunities and challenges every time you play.

Capture Lasting Memories
Throughout your journey, you’ll see mountains, forests, sunshine, water, and wildlife. Use these tokens to fill canteens, purchase gear, take photos, and visit parks. Be careful! Resources can be tricky to acquire as you jostle with other players for space at each site.

Dimensions: 21.59cm x 21.59cm x 6.99cm | 8.5in x 8.5in x 2.75in
Product Weight: 1.08kg | 2.38lb

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