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Oh My Yummies, Super Seed Rosemary Crackers (130g)

Oh My Yummies, Super Seed Rosemary Crackers (130g)

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The Rosemary Flavour cracker is made out of a superfood mix (quinoa, flax, kasha, sunflower, sesame, & chia) with rosemary sprinkled on top. It adds a flavour that is delicious to anyone who loves healthy herbs and goes best with a cheese platter.

Oh My Yummies believe that healthy food should also be yummy food! Oh My Yummies is dedicated to giving you the healthiest snacks without compromising on taste.

It all started when one of their co-founders began to have severe food sensitivities and was limited with what she could eat. They found that there was a very limited range of healthy snacks on the market that were enjoyable. Setting out to create a range of healthy and tasty food, the journey started with their crackers that became an instant hit. After achieving a yummy, clean and absolutely unique superseed cracker, Oh My Yummies dedicated to come up with more snacks that are suitable for all lifestyles.

Eat Clean. Live Well. Be Happy.

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