Nature Fresh, Organic Long English Cucumber (Single)

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Do something new with the classic Long English Cucumber. There are SO many ways! - sauces, dips, drinks, salad noodles - English cukes are not just for salads! With their thin and tender skin, peeling is not required.

Use a mandolin to create Cucumber noodles for salad or as beds for main courses. These English Cucumbers are quite the chameleons, taking on most herb flavors, especially dill. Sure, you can eat them raw in salads (#boring) but why not try making your own tzatziki dip or refreshing Cucumber-mint water? Afternoon tea? Cucumber sandwiches are a must.

  • Characteristics: refreshing, crunchy/ good snap, hydrating, very thin & digestible skin – do not require peeling
  • Benefits: good source of fiber, vitamin a, vitamin c, no saturated fats or cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, high in vitamin k
  • Flavour: mild, refreshing, delicate, brings together other flavors, slightly sweet

Product of Ontario, Canada.