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Method, Antibacterial All Purpose Disinfecting Surface Cleaner (828mL) | Bamboo

Method, Antibacterial All Purpose Disinfecting Surface Cleaner (828mL) | Bamboo

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Store in a cool, dry place.

Antibacterial All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner
Kill ’em with Kind Scents

Tough on grease and grime, easy on surfaces. Plus, you’ll be happy to know, it kills 99.9% of germs*, leaving behind a fresh scent and a smile. (*Kills staphylococcus aureus, influenza a flu virus, rhinovirus, escherichia coli, enterobacter aerogenes and salmonella enterica.)

Bamboo Scent
You’re hiking through a lush bamboo forest. You hear the rustling of the leaves, smell the crisp, clean, this is not a guided meditation, it’s the inspiration for this refreshingly herbaceous scent. Of course, Method can’t help it if you feel the need to "Om."

About Method:

  • The ingredients in Method's formulas are comprehensively assessed for safety + environmental health. And Method's packaging design + materials are evaluated for safety, environmental factors + recyclability.
  • Method's manufacturing processes are evaluated according to their use of water + energy and their material recovery.
  • Method's permanent line of fabric care, personal care and home care products are C2C-certified (Cradle to Cradle) at the silver or gold level.
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