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Mestemacher, Organic Whole Rye Bread (500g)

Mestemacher, Organic Whole Rye Bread (500g)

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Store unopened in a cool, dry place. Once opened, store in a refrigerator and consume in 4-5 days.

Mestemacher, Organic Whole Rye Bread (500g)

  • No preservatives
  • High source of fibre
  • Kosher

Ingredients: organic whole rye kernels, water, organic whole rye flour, sea salt, yeast. May contain traces of sesame, soy, milk and tree nuts.

ORGANIC BREAD FROM NATURAL SOURDOUGH The production of Mestemacher's organic bread takes place in eleven standardised steps which must be consistently adhered to and which are subject to strict quality controls:

  • Step 1: The main ingredient, organic rye, and other high-quality organic ingredients are delivered to the company’s goods inward area. The suppliers are farming cooperatives and agricultural commodities suppliers certified by organic certification bodies.
  • Step 2: Each individual delivery is carefully checked by the goods inward inspection team.
  • Step 3: Shortly before production begins the rye is ground in our in-house mill. The very gentle process guarantees that important minerals, fibre and vitamins are retained.
  • Step 4: As a preliminary stage before making the actual bread dough, an organic natural sourdough is started which first has to mature for 24 hours. This gives the bread the typically sour rye Vollkornbrot flavour.
  • Step 5: The other ingredients are added to the dough according to the recipe. These include oily seeds, cereal flakes, sea salt and yeast.
  • Step 6: The bread dough is put into tins and passes through a wire mesh oven. After approx. 90 minutes the fresh crusty loaves come out.
  • Step 7: The finished loaves cool in the bread store for 24 hours.
  • Step 8: The loaves are sliced in the slicing machine and then portioned and packaged in special wrap. The packaging material is completely recyclable.
  • Step 9: Laboratory tests are carried out on all items produced according to a range of parameters. This provides constant quality control and ensures that any minor fluctuations in the quality of ingredients can be responded to in good time.
  • Step 10: The packaged bread is warmed once again in a special oven in order to guarantee the especially long shelf life.
  • Step 11: The finished organic loaves are labelled and picked and then shipped ready for the shops.


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