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Manning Canning, Pear Ginger Soda (250mL)

Manning Canning, Pear Ginger Soda (250mL)

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Store in a cool, dry place. Best served chilled.

It's damn noisy out there. Listen to your gut, drink life in. Pear Ginger Chrisoda – free the thirsty.

Looking for a drink that's better for you and tastes great? You just found it. Chrisoda was made for those looking for a healthy alternative to sugary pop and juice without the challenging taste of today's "healthy" beverages.

  • Apple Cider Vinger Infused.
  • Real Fruit Juice
  • * Lower Sugar
  • Bubbles
  • Cold Fermented

* Contains at least 60% lower sugar than a typical sugar-sweetened soft drink.

Another giant crushing creation by Manning Canning Kitchens.

Ingredients: lightly carbonated water, cold-pressed pear juice, organic apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, ginger, natural mushroom extract.

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