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Manhattan Coffee Roasters, Rwanda Kinini Coffee Beans (250g) | Single Origin

Manhattan Coffee Roasters, Rwanda Kinini Coffee Beans (250g) | Single Origin

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Farm: Kinini
Producer: Rebero Community
Country: Rwanda
Micro Region: Rusiga and Mbogo
Altitude: 1973-2250masl
Variety: Bourbon, Jackson, Bourbon Mayaguez 71
Processing: Washed

The Kinini station lies right in the heart of multiple coe (cup of excellence) winning territory of Rwanda. When Manhattan first had this coffee it reminded them of the first time they had Rwandan coffee, so rich and sweet with luscious raspberry and stewed fruit notes.

This lot is exclusive to Manhattan Coffee Roasters and they feel like it’s some of the best coffee coming out of the station. It’s so vibrant and clear in flavour and is absolutely a statement of what great Rwandan coffee is. Also by buying this lot, some of that money was put into new roads and a school, so be confident knowing you are supporting the community at Rebero.

Tasting Notes: raspberry, red fruit, baked orange.

About Manhattan:

Manhattan Coffee Roasters is based in The Netherlands harbor city of Rotterdam. Run by long time coffee professionals and competitors, Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam have set up their roastery, focusing on mind blowing and exceptional coffees, unique and small lots with close cooperation with producers. With a combined experience of almost 30 years in the coffee industry and many competitions under their belt, they're now focussing all their drive on sharing competition coffees with the world.

Manhattan always believed coffee should be something special, and this simple thought moves them every day to source smarter, roast better, and delight more people again and again.

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