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Maison Orphée, Organic Sunflower Oil for Cooking (750mL)

Maison Orphée, Organic Sunflower Oil for Cooking (750mL)

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Looking for the best oil to grill your Veggie Burgers or to fry vegetables? This is when Maison Orphée's Organic Sunflower Oil for Cooking comes into play! Not only is it first cold-pressed but also deodorized by a purely physical process which requires no chemical element. Steam is injected into the oil in order to remove the taste and odour. As a result, the oil can better withstand heat.

Ingredients: sunflower seeds.

Taste, colour and health benefits are preserved because Maison Orphée's oils are cold-extracted and bottled in dark glass containers that protect them from light. Their choices require more effort and make all the difference.


  • Use: Sautéing and Frying
  • Smoke Point: 356 °F/ 180 °C
  • Extraction: First Pressed - Deodorized
  • From: The Netherlands
  • Certifications: GMO-free - Organic Canada
  • Naturally Gluten Free
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