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Maison Orphée, Fresh Mayonnaise (440mL)

Maison Orphée, Fresh Mayonnaise (440mL)

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Rediscover the pleasure of eating mayonnaise prepared like at home with ingredients that you have in your pantry or your fridge.

This smooth and creamy mayonnaise will surprise you with its real homemade mayonnaise flavour, as if you made it yourself. Like a homemade recipe, our Fresh Mayonnaiseis free of artificial preservatives and contains no sugar. In addition, it contains less sodium than most mayonnaises on the market.

  • Use: for tomato sandwiches, sauce bases or creamy coleslaw salads.
  • Special Features: made with deodorised sunflower oil - no artificial preservatives - no added sugar - no artificial flavour or colours - gluten free
  • Naturally Gluten Free
  • Prepared with pasteurized eggs.

Like homemade mayonnaises, Maison Orphée's fresh mayonnaises are made with fresh, natural and pronounceable ingredients. Unlike other mayonnaises, Maison Orphée uses deodorized sunflower oil as a base ingredient and they use apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to preserve their product. Maison Orphée's point of distinction: no artificial preservatives or added sugar.

Ingredients: oleic sunflower oil, water, pasteurized whole egg, pasteurized egg yolk, lemon juice, organic cider vinegar, sea salt, mustard seeds.

Made in Canada

Certifications: Aliments préparés au Québec

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