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La Presserie, Orange Passion Fruit Cold Pressed Juice (213mL)

La Presserie, Orange Passion Fruit Cold Pressed Juice (213mL)

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This product is frozen. Thaw in a refrigerator
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Bright and Aromatic

With a profile that reads like a professional triathlete and freestyle climber combined in one, the passion fruit with its exotic, sweet and tangy flavour, prefers to live in higher altitudes. A vigorous climbing vine it clings by tendrils to almost any support and is almost unstoppable in its performance, growing 15 to 20ft. (4.5 to 6 meters) per year. With just the right amount of Canadian Maple syrup for sweetness, our incredible tasting blend, is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and a great source of fibre. It will energize your body so can finish the next phase of the race, take on El Capitan or get through the next two-hour meeting.

Ingredients: orange juice, passion fruit juice, canadian maple syrup.

Why Frozen is Better

From La Presserie's state-of-the-art facility, to the way they buy produce, to their unique production process, everything La Presserie does is based on one goal – to craft The Best Tasting Cold Pressed Juice. Period.

The key to achieving this goal is their proprietary Fresh-Freezing process. It ensures that no matter when you enjoy any of their artisanal flavours, La Presserie all-natural juices always taste like when they were just pressed - simply delicious.

By flash-freezing La Presserie's juices right after cold pressing, they seal in the freshness of their juice and ensure it stays safe and natural, without pasteurization or artificial preservatives. Choosing La Presserie means knowing that every bottle contains only one thing – raw, natural, fruits and vegetables. With nothing added and nothing taken away.

Like all good stories, La Presserie started with a simple idea and a bold objective; to craft the most delicious cold pressed juice, period. Today, La Presserie makes a variety of cold pressed juices that are uncompromisingly unique and flavourful.


La Presserie believes that having great tasting food and better choices is one of the key ingredients to happiness.

They bring this belief by creating cold pressed juices that through their incredible taste appeal, quality and uncompromising artisan craftsmanship, instill you with total confidence and leave you energized.

La Presserie's passion for food and innovation come together to deliver the sweet spot of taste and health; to transform the body and move the soul. Products that simply make you happier because better tasting food nourishes the body and the soul.

Based in Toronto, Canada, La Presserie is available through Canary & Fox.

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