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La Panzanella, Mini Roasted Garlic Croccantini/Crackers (170g)

La Panzanella, Mini Roasted Garlic Croccantini/Crackers (170g)

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La Panzanella's Mini Roasted Garlic Croccantini®, with their subtle flavour, are reminiscent of freshly baked garlic bread. With a hint of sea salt these crackers enhance the flavours of aged cheeses, cured meats and Mediterranean spreads.

Reminiscent of flatbread, La Panzanella's Croccantini® crackers are meant to be shared with love. They come in an array of epicurean flavours and are ideal for any occasion. From elegant holiday spreads to intimate family meals, their golden bubbles and artisan edges help you create a comfortable, homemade mood.

Imagine your table with a generous selection of Croccantini:

  • Artfully stacked, surrounded by flavourful cheeses
  • Cracked to share and elegantly topped
  • As the centerpiece of a rustic breadbasket
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