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La Croix

La Croix, Guava Sparkling Water (Case / 8 x 355ml)

La Croix, Guava Sparkling Water (Case / 8 x 355ml)

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Naturally Essenced Sparkling Water

LaCroix Sparkling Water is carbonated water which is sodium free and contains only natural flavours.

La Croix Guava Sparkling Water: Savor the sweet tropical delicacy and vibrant essence that satisfies your Constant Cravings!!

Sold in a case of 8 (8 x 355ml).

Ingredients: carbonated water, naturally essenced.

Ingrédients: eau gazéifiée, essence naturelle.


How is ‘LaCroix’ pronounced?
La-CROY. It rhymes with ‘enjoy’.

Is LaCroix Gluten-Free and Vegan?
All flavours of LaCroix are Gluten-Free, Vegan and Kosher! There is no meat, dairy, wheat, or nuts used in the product or production of the product.

What do you mean LaCroix is “innocent”?
LaCroix is innocent or free of sugars, calories, sodium, and artificial ingredients.

Is LaCroix Non-GMO?
LaCroix does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO) therefore LaCroix is Non-GMO.

Sweeteners in LaCroix Water
There are no sugars, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients contained in, nor added to our waters.

What ingredients make up the ‘Natural Essence’ in the LaCroix flavours?
All LaCroix flavours are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit used in each of our LaCroix flavours. There are no sugars or artificial ingredients contained in, nor added to, these extracted flavours.

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