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It’s Blunderful, A Party Game About Life’s Awkward Situations

It’s Blunderful, A Party Game About Life’s Awkward Situations

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It’s Blunderful is a party game where you bet on how others would respond to awkward situations. It’s easy to learn you’ll be having fun in a matter of 30 seconds. With dynamic conversations and inspired storytelling, you’ll be surprised at the things you learn about your friends, family and yourself.

The game has fun, non-offensive content that’s relatable to adults so you can play with all of your adult friends and family. The strategic betting component raises the stakes for competitive players and keeps all players involved in every turn. Each player has their own betting scorecard used to place their bets. Read the Blunderful card and secretly choose how you would react. Other players place their bets on how they believe you would react. Everyone reveals their answers. Players who guessed the correct answer gain the points they wagered, but those who guessed incorrectly lose the number of points they wagered. The first person to reach 100 points wins.

Enjoy the camaraderie, the laughter and the stories that arise about the awkward moments – we’ve all been there.

Age: 17+
Players: 4-8
Time to Play: 30 Min

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