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Hinza, Hinza Small Black Bag (7.5L Capacity)

Hinza, Hinza Small Black Bag (7.5L Capacity)

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H: 38.5cm. L: 32cm. W: 15cm.

A practical little bag with elegant design.

The small Hinza bag has surprisingly many uses. It is perfect as a handbag, picnic basket and for smart storage in the home and office. The bag is durable, stable and easy to keep clean.

The bag fits well into a bicycle basket. With an inner bag and cover as accessories, the bag is even more useful.

Size: H: 38.5cm. L: 32cm. W: 15cm.

Volume: 7.5 litres.

Max weight: 10 kg.

Material: PE plastic.

Made in Sweden.

Hinza bags are manufactured in Hillerstorp in Sweden, with much consideration being paid to quality, environment and working conditions. The factory is certified in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 with regard to environmental and quality management.

With its proximity to the factory, those at Hinza have excellent control over materials and production, and they can keep transport at a minimum.

All Hinza bags are extremely durable and are made of plastics that can be recycled.

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