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Gusta, Vegan Wheat Sausage – Italiana (4 Pack)

Gusta, Vegan Wheat Sausage – Italiana (4 Pack)

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Inspired by Italian flavours and spices, the Italiana sausage is generous in terms of flavour and goes well with pretty much anything, whether thinly sliced in a sandwich or grilled in cubes for a pasta dish.

Vegan sausages FOR A CHANGE...
Sausages don’t grow on trees. Whether they’re made from animal or vegetable protein, they’re still sausages. Gusta gets their flavour from succulent vegetables, and they’re perfectly seasoned with spices and herbs.

If you think they taste like meat, ask yourself if it isn’t the meat that tastes like our sausages!

Ingredients: water, wheat protein (gluten), non-gmo canola oil, dehydrated vegetables (bell peppers, onions, garlic), sea salt, nutritional yeast, red wine vinegar, yeast extract, spices. Contains: wheat.

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