Greenhouse, Matcha Brekky Plant-Based Shake (300mL)

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Greenhouse's organic, plant-based shakes make for a delicious and satisfying meal replacement or snack. Each one has a different nutritional focus, from providing a morning energy boost to delivering plant protein and promoting workout recovery.

Master the art of mornings with matcha.
Yesterday you weren’t a morning person, but today? Today you’re rising and shining with the best of them. Breakfast of champions? Yep. It’s me — your on-the-go breakfast shake. With a whopping 10g of protein and 5g of fibre, care of my protein powder and almond butter, I’ll leave you feeling full and focused.

I’m a dose of caffeine without the unwelcome crash later. My ceremonial-grade Matcha Ninja matcha starts you off with a shot of clean energy, while my gluten free Canadian oats power you through your morning to-dos.

Brain fog, you’ve finally met your matcha.

Ingredients: oat base (filtered water, organic gluten free oats), organic almond butter, organic raw cane sugar, organic pea protein, organic matcha ninja matcha powder, chicory inulin, organic vanilla extract, himalayan salt