Greenhouse, Ginger Turmeric Kombucha (340mL)

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Bubbly. Bold. Bright. All of Greenhouse's Kombuchas are made with organic, cold-pressed juice and come in at 8g of sugar or less.

Greenhouse's classic kombucha with cold-pressed ginger and turmeric...

I taste like an intense, zingy ginger beer, but with way less sugar, and no artificial additives. Though I’m arguably the tamest of the Pros, I’m less of a sweetheart than my sparkling ginger cousins; the small amount of cane sugar added to me pre-fermentation is not for you, but for my live cultures. They consume it to help me help your gut.

If we've met before, you'll likely notice a few improvements to both my flavour and my outfit. Still, at my fine bubbly heart, I am the same: bracing, quite dry, and reminiscent of champagne. I’ve heard I also make a mean cocktail...

Ingredients: filtered water, organic fermented ginger, organic black tea, organic cane sugar, organic cold-pressed ginger, organic cold-pressed turmeric, kombucha culture.