Greenhouse, Citrus Cayenne Kombucha (340mL)

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Bubbly. Bold. Bright. All of Greenhouse's Kombuchas are made with organic, cold-pressed juice and come in at 8g of sugar or less.

You’ve tried the rest, now try the zest.

Step into my den.

Feeling cowardly? No need. My cayenne heat is enough to gently ruffle your mane, but is well balanced by my citrus twist. (Grapefruit and orange and lemon, oh my!) This trio roars: expect 35% of your recommended daily dose of antioxidant vitamin C per bottle.

Or perhaps you indulged in more than the lion’s share at lunch? My kombucha cultures will have you purring once more.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic black tea, organic cold-pressed grapefruit, organic cold-pressed orange, organic cold-pressed lemon, organic cane sugar, cayenne extract, kombucha culture