General Assembly, Pizza Kit (2 Pizzas)

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Pizza Kit for 2 Pizzas*
2 x 100% naturally leavened pizza doughs, fresh mozzarella, brick mozzarella, parmesan, tomato sauce, flour


When General Assembly introduced a take-home pizza kit experience they sold out in a day. Turns out pairing a classic pizza dinner with a beautiful shared experience is a win-win—especially for families. The best part? Pizzas are ready in 15 mins (10 mins prep + 5 min quick cook).

General Assembly's pizza kits include 2 pizzas per kit and General Assembly's signature 100% naturally leavened dough. The kit is a fun experience, beautifully packaged in a GA-branded craft pizza box (and comes with Chef's instructions).

General Assembly Pizza

Not to seem immodest, but General Assembly has really been crushing it. Their sauce, that is.

By hand. Once General Assembly made it (the dough), they built on their successes by bringing together their favourite premium ingredients. Obsessing over every combination and ratio. All in the hopes that their pies would bring people together. No fuss, no pretension, nothing standing between you and a good time.

General Assembly opened their doors in 2017 and their made-to-order pies — with artisanal ingredients working in perfect harmony atop 100% naturally leavened dough — landed them on all the right lists and earned them a following. Turns out, they were just getting started.

Toronto Life: Best Restaurants 2018

Toronto Life lists General Assembly as one of the city's best pizzas.

Ingredients: all-purpose flour, 00 flour, water, tomato, fresh mozzarella, brick mozzerella, pecorino, grana padano, olive oil, salt. Made with 100% naturally leavened dough.