Four All, Maple Creme Brûlée Ice Cream (500mL)

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Four All Ice Cream

Maple custard ice cream with pieces of brûléed maple sugar. This decadence is sweetened only with maple syrup.

Ingredients: cream base, (golden guernsey milk, cream, skim milk powder, egg yolk, less than 2% of: locust bean gum, guar gum), sugars (maple syrup, maple sugar), egg yolk, skim milk powder.

Contains: milk, egg

How does Four All Ice Cream make better ice cream?

Four All starts their ice cream with fresh, all-natural, local Guernsey cow milk from Eby Manor farm, combined with local cream. To get the freshest, richest flavour they pasteurize their ice cream base themselves in small batches at their Kitchener facility; which is the smallest dairy plant in Ontario (400 square feet)! From there they combine local and/or responsibly sourced ingredients from small farmers, bean-to-bar chocolate makers, small-batch coffee roasters, and local distillers and brewers in order to achieve robust, full, deep flavour profiles - which are best described as "tasting deliciously real".

Four All Ice Cream is better because through their partnerships with local farmers, producers & other small-batch manufacturers they create fresh and seasonal flavours that support local and showcase the best of the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Four All is continuously looking to collaborate with creative minds and makers!

Who is behind Four All Ice Cream?

Ajoa, Founder and Chief Ice Cream Maker, created Four All with the dream of making handcrafted ice cream using all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients in order to provide a better choice for all ice cream lovers who want to indulge in a sweet treat without compromise to their well-being.

Her obsession with hand-crafted ice cream began during a heatwave in August 2003 when, instead of an air-conditioner she bought an ice cream machine. Not only did she save money, the ice cream from the little machine was so good! Fast forward to now, tons of ice cream experiments later, Ajoa and her team are making the best possible ice cream they can in Kitchener-Waterloo.