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Felicetti, Organic Tri-Colour Vegetable Eliche Pasta (500g)

Felicetti, Organic Tri-Colour Vegetable Eliche Pasta (500g)

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Felicetti, Organic Tri-Colour Vegetable Eliche Pasta (500g)

A pasta that needs no introduction. Its reassuring cooking characteristics and satisfying taste are the results of impeccable craftsmanship and excellent raw materials.

In 1908, Felicetti took on the challenge of producing pasta in the very heart of the Dolomites, thanks to the intuition of their grandfather, Valentino. Today, Felicetti still uses only spring water to mix their pasta, and pure mountain air to dry it.

Val di Fiemme is a mountainous enclave at the slopes of the Dolomites in Italy. At a thousand meters high, where the Travignolo and Avisio rivers meet, lies Predazzo. The town is graced with unique landscapes, thanks to the majestic peaks that surround it and dispense energy and strength.

Those who have inhabited the valley for thousands of years know that this seemingly magical place can be austere, at times: thanks to a constant dialogue with nature, Felicetti has learned to turn the harshness of the mountain into an opportunity and transform difficulties into valuable resources. The privilege of living in such beautiful high altitude landscapes is proudly rewarded with respect and love: the environment that surrounds them is a valued gift that must be protected.

In the past, Felicetti's factory "captured" the energy that it needed from an ancient and vital renewable source: water, which flows copiously nearby. Today, their own photovoltaic and cogeneration plants are able to produce more than 90% of the energy drawn by the factory. It is just one of the many environmentally responsible choices Felicetti makes every day.

"Pure air and unpolluted water: increasingly rare and priceless resources."

As a pasta manufacturer, Felicetti is also invaluably lucky to have abundant supplies of some very rare and precious ingredients: pure spring water and pristine air.

Protect the natural resources, encourage biodiversity, respect the balance of ecosystems and safeguard the environment: Felicetti reached these ambitious goals through concrete and uncompromising actions, carried out in a collective, harmonic effort.

When developing their premium line of pasta, here at Felicetti, they had a single objective in mind: they wanted to combine outstanding organic ingredients - quality wheat, spring water and the purest air of the Dolomites - into a product that satisfies catering professionals, as well as environmentally conscious food connoisseurs.


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