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Family Fun Night: 2nd Edition By C. Copeland (PB, pp. 252)

Family Fun Night: 2nd Edition By C. Copeland (PB, pp. 252)

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Paperback, 252 Pages | By Cynthia Copeland | ISBN: 9781604336115

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From New York Times bestselling parenting book author Cynthia Copeland comes a fully updated edition of FAMILY FUN NIGHT, featuring a year's worth of great ideas that foster family togetherness!

More than ever, family time faces stiff competition from other activities that appeal to kids: video games and iPhone apps, texting, and social media. FAMILY FUN NIGHT offers the antidote: Tips and advice for establishing weekly family time, as well as hundreds of specific ideas for spending quality time together, with an emphasis on "unplugged" activities. This fun and comprehensive book features ways to interest teens (let each one invite a friend or allow them to play their music in the background on game night), to contend with a large age range (form teams or play games of chance rather than skill), and to manage competitiveness among siblings (play cooperative games or ones where players change teams throughout).

From clever twists on timeless classics to brand new games your family will love, this book offers something for every family, during every month of the year. Interested in family-friendly card games? Suggestions for outdoor family games? Need ideas for a Digital Detox family weekend? Or ideas for last-minute game nights or for game nights that cost less than $10? It’s all covered in this reader-friendly guide, along with ideas for snacks and meals that complement each family night theme, complete with charming illustrations!

Whether family members use the book to brainstorm ideas for their own unique night or follow each game night to the last detail, they will find that family playtime creates wonderful memories that will last forever.

About the Author:

Cynthia Copeland
Cynthia Copeland is author of more than 25 books, including The Diaper Diaries and Fun on the Run. Her Workman titles alone have nearly 1 million copies in print. Her work has been featured on GoodMorning America, selected for Oprah's O List; in O Magazine, recommended by Ann Landers, and featured in Family Circle Magazine. She lives in Keene, NH.


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