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Euroscrubby, Multi-Purpose Sponge (Qty 1)

Euroscrubby, Multi-Purpose Sponge (Qty 1)

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The Euroscrubby Sponge is perfect for around the kitchen and the bathroom. It has a sponge centre with a patent coating on both sides of the cloth.

✓ The Kitchen - Non-stick pots and pans, glass cooktops & cookware.
✓ The Bathroom - Porcelain sinks, glass shower doors, marble & tile.
✓ Outdoors - Garden tools, wood and plastic furniture, boats & pools.

Euroscrubby makes clean-up fast and easy!

  • Great for everyday cleaning such as pots and pans, glass, ceramic & porcelain
  • Clean in the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Made in Poland
  • Colours will vary.
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