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Ella and the Balloons in the Sky by D. Appleby (HC, pp. 32)

Ella and the Balloons in the Sky by D. Appleby (HC, pp. 32)

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Hardcover, 32 Pages | By Danny Appleby | ISBN: 9781770495289


"They’d just taken them somewhere she hadn’t yet been, to magical places she hadn’t yet seen."

Ella comes down one morning to feed her pets and finds that they have disappeared. She discovers them floating away on balloons, high in the sky. Try as she might, she can’t get them to come back. But although they are out of reach, Ella soon learns they are not truly gone as long as they remain in her heart and her memories. Written in gentle rhyming verse with light-hearted illustrations, Ella and the Balloons in the Sky is a story that tackles the tough subject of love and loss in a new way–with whimsy, magic, and lightness.


"Delicate, doodle-like ink drawings on tea-stained paper have a homemade, serene quality that works well with the pensive tone . . . Appleby’s message of acceptance coupled with Pirie’s tranquil pastel illustrations make this a tender glimpse into feelings of loss and grief."

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