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ECO by Naty

ECO by Naty, Sanitary Pads - Night (10 Count)

ECO by Naty, Sanitary Pads - Night (10 Count)

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Store in a cool, dry place.

Eco by Naty Sanitary Pads are made with compostable and plant based materials. What nature welcomes, your body will love!

Absorbent, natural and renewable pads from ECO by Naty's award-winning care line. Their best protection against untimely leakages. Eco by Naty’s discrete absorbent pads look and work like other quality brands but the experience of wearing ecological pads without petroleum-based plastics or synthetic fibers against your skin will tell you all you need to know. Fully natural, renewable and free from chemicals that can irritate sensitive pH balances, ECO by Naty pads are designed to work in harmony with one’s body and the environment; not against.

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