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DK, The Human Body Coloring Book (SC, 258)

DK, The Human Body Coloring Book (SC, 258)

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Softcover, 258 Pages • 8.81"W x 11.13"H x 0.89"D | DK Publishing

Studying the human body is easy with this interactive biology coloring book!

Color and label anatomical diagrams to learn and recall everything there’s to know about the human body. This drawing book helps you understand human anatomy while giving you the opportunity to learn, understand and remember information with ease!

This biology study guide is a wonderful way to learn about the parts and systems of the human body! Inside, you’ll find:

  • More than 200 highly detailed anatomical drawings to color
  • Crystal clear instructions that explain exactly what is required of each artwork
  • Comprehensive coverage of the human body and from cell to system

Discover the human body by naming each part and coloring it! Filled with black and white line artwork, this anatomy coloring book helps you study anatomical illustrations in an interactive and fun way. The biology coloring guide gives clear instructions on what needs to be colored and which colors to use. Then you are left to color and label the parts and systems of the body while improving your knowledge of human anatomy.

Each page of medical illustrations contains a list and clarifications of key concepts relating to the artwork, a system-by-system approach, and hours of fun and learning! Human Body Coloring Book is perfect for medical students or those needing help with anatomy. It’s intuitive, easy to use, helps you understand important information by giving you plenty of opportunities to self-test and maximizes your ability to recall knowledge.

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