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Crofter's, Premium Spread | Organic Pomegranate Power Superfruit (383mL)

Crofter's, Premium Spread | Organic Pomegranate Power Superfruit (383mL)

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Power up! This SuperFruit™ takes Crofter's spreads to another level. Pomegranate, Black Currant, Morello Cherries and Red Grapes are known for their antioxidant superpowers and Crofter's has combined them into a tasty spread that is, well—super! 75% fruit content means they put so much fruit in the jar, they only needed to add 4 g of Fair Trade cane sugar per serving.


Pomegranates have long been known as one of the most powerful super-duper fruits in the world, and to take it one step further, Crofter's blended it with other tasty and antioxidant-rich fruits to bring you a spread that just might give you superpowers (ok, maybe that’s a stretch). Chunks of whole sweet Morello Cherries are perfectly balanced by the bright, tart flavor of pomegranates for a fun, fruity spread-venture. Oh yeah, did we mention each jar has 75% fruit? Yeah, Crofter's went there.


There’s four amazing fruits packed in this jar: pomegranates, black currants, morello cherries and red grapes—all chosen for their powerful taste and antioxidant strength. Pow! This combo will hit you with pop of SuperFruit™ taste!

Ingredients: organic fruit (organic morello cherries, organic red grape concentrate, organic black currant, organic pomegranate concentrate), organic cane sugar*, apple pectin, ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

* Made with organic cane sugar from an ethical and environmentally friendly source. Certified Fair Trade IBD.

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