Crofter's, Just Fruit Spread | Organic Seville Orange (235mL)

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Nothing can replace that sunshine-colored, peel-sprinkled dollop on a scone at high tea. It’s just what ought to be there! So Crofter's created their own organic Seville Orange Spread without a speck of refined sugar in sight so you can truly indulge. And on the off-chance that you get sick of scones, try drizzling it on a spiced cake or using it for your next orange chicken dish.


A beautiful, bright acidity with just the right hint of bitter, Crofter's did their very best to mimic the most traditional of orange marmalades. This spread has smooth consistency, but don’t overlook that delightful smattering of peel. Each jar is organic and 98% is oranges and white grape concentrate for the perfect, yummy balance.


Of all the oranges, why Seville Oranges? The answer is easy enough. When you want the perfect amount of pucker, sweet, and that just-right orange-y taste, this is the fruit you go for. The traditional orange used in British orange marmalade, Crofter's just had to keep that taste alive.

There’s no refined sugar here. Instead, Crofter's enlists the help of vineyards with low color and acidity fruits to press their white grapes into a concentrated juice. Crofter's then adds this fruit-based sweetness to their star fruits instead of sugar so their Just Fruit Spreads are filled to the brim with, well, just fruits. With a touch tarter taste, you’ll never put the fruit spread knife down.

Ingredients: organic white grape juice from concentrate (water, organic white grape juice concentrate), organic apricots, apple pectin, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), citric acid