Cornish Sea Salt Co., Sea Salt Flakes (150g)

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Cornish Sea Salt Flakes are beautiful microscopic pyramids, full of a mineral-rich zestiness, that are soft and melting on the palate. Allowing tastes to build and evolve, they are perfect as a natural finishing salt, dissolving quickly to give an initial hit of sea saltiness and splashing a little alchemy onto the simplest of dishes. Use to complement and transform rather than to dominate and define.

The 150g capsule is conveniently kitchen-sized for easy access to some tasty, sea salt seasoning while cooking.

Pinch Tips

  • Sprinkle into sauces for maximum flavour impact
  • Give your salad some zing by sprinkling liberally on top of lettuce
  • Marry up with meat and fish as a marinade or flavour enhancer
  • Make a sensational pork crackling by melting into pork skin
  • Scrunch into sizzling steak
  • Perfect as a partner to the pepper grinder

Ingredients: 100% sea salt.