Bull’s Head, Natural Cola Soda (341mL)

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Bull's Head cola is 100% natural, like all of their other products in this range, and it is caffeine free. They gave it an extra touch of cinnamon, which makes it different from other colas in the market.

Ingredients: carbonated Appalachian Mountains spring water, cane sugar, natural caramel colour, natural flavour. Caffeine-free.


Bull's Head started out in 1896 with their famous ginger ale. It was created by John Henry Bryant in Québec’s Eastern Townships. Mr. Bryant, who was originally a beer brewer with partner Seth Nutter at the Silver Springs Brewery on Abenakis Street in Sherbrooke, found there was too much competition for that type of beverage and so decided to come up with an original drink for his own family business. Inspired by his Irish roots and through much trial and error, he created a rich, Belfast-type ginger ale with an original flavour. His wife, inspired by her husband’s stubbornness, suggested he call the drink Bull’s Head and the name stuck.

A 100 year old original recipe. Any company that’s been around for over a century can tell you; you don’t stay in business this long without a great product and outstanding customer service. After Bull’s Head’s regional success, the drink became so popular you could even find it in Québec City’s Château Frontenac between the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

Today, Bull's Head is owned and operated by the Pearson brothers, Carl and Dominic, along with their Sherbrooke partner, Charles Martel.