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Bambu, X-tra Large Undercut Bamboo Cutting Board (17''L x 12''W x 5/8"H)

Bambu, X-tra Large Undercut Bamboo Cutting Board (17''L x 12''W x 5/8"H)

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Dimensions: 17"Lx12"Wx5/8"H

Bambu's Undercut Series of bamboo cutting boards are designed for all of your chopping needs and are a necessary addition to your kitchen repertoire.

With original, functional design and superior quality, Bambu designed a unique bamboo cutting board that allows you to cut, serve, carry and set down, all without breaking a sweat - or spilling a crumb. Their sleek cutting and serving board is made from sustainably harvested bamboo – a renewable material.

Each board is constructed using a water-based, food-grade adhesive imported from Europe that contains no formaldehyde. They are then finished with food-safe wood oil.

  • Natural food-safe oil finish
  • No lacquer coating
  • USDA Certified Biobased
  • Dimensions: 17"Lx12"Wx5/8"H

When properly cared for, your bamboo board can last for years to come. Follow these tips for best results:

  • Hand wash in hot, soapy water, then wipe dry
  • Revive the natural shine of your bamboo products with an all-natural oil
  • Smooth away any signs of wear by lightly sanding the surface of your board with a fine grain sandpaper
  • Not recommended for dishwasher or prolonged soaking
  • Not recommended for use in the microwave

You might not expect your well-loved Bambu Undercut Bamboo Cutting Board to outlast both your stainless steel spatula and your plastic cutting board, but it just might. Depending on the quality of how they’re produced, many bamboo utensils or boards can last for ten or more years. Read on to find out why this fast-growing grass (yes, grass) is one of the most durable materials you can use in the kitchen.

What makes bamboo so long-lasting?
In many parts of Asia, bamboo is a trusted material for building houses, scaffolding, and even bridges. Some bamboo structures that are around today were created hundreds of years ago. So, what makes a grass so durable?

Bamboo is the strongest woody plant on earth
Bamboo has a greater weight-to-strength ratio than graphite, and it is stronger than both Red Oak and Maple.

Unlike other materials, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and stain-resistant
While kitchen utensils and tools made from wood or plastic can easily become tarnished after contact with colorful spices and foods such as turmeric or beets, bamboo resists stains. This property keeps it looking fresh and beautiful throughout its life (and makes it less likely that you’ll toss it away due to discoloration).

You can refinish bamboo
The ability to sand down and refinish bamboo is a huge part of their longevity. Once kitchen tools made from metals or plastics begin to show scratches, dents, or burn marks, nothing can be done to repair their surfaces. This isn’t the case for bamboo. As it begins to show signs of age, bamboo is easily brought back to life with a square of sandpaper and a bit of finishing oil. Consciously caring for your bamboo products can ensure that they look like new even when you’ve had them for years.

Bamboo products that last
Luckily, bamboo is a natural material, and one that degrades quickly once it’s time in your kitchen is up. Left to its own devices, bamboo will completely biodegrade once it’s done working hard in your kitchen. When you’re ready to dispose of your bamboo products, you can drop them in your municipal yard debris container - they’ll continue their life as eco-friendly mulch!

With a clean (and long) life cycle from start to finish, bamboo products provide maximum durability without harsh chemicals or an environmentally taxing production process.

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