Balderson Cheese, Marble Cheddar (280g)

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Milky flavour with slight nutty note, clean fresh aroma. Smooth flavour with a slight firm texture. Mixture of white and coloured cheese curds give it a marbled appearance.

Usage: Sandwich slices. Decorative as cubes, triangles or fingers on cheese trays.

Aged: 6 months.

In 1881, the local dairy farmers of Lanark County, near Perth, had an good idea. They decided to form a dairy collective, pool their excess milk production and build a factory to produce a local Cheddar cheese.

They built a small, wood-frame building at a crossroads known locally as Balderson Corners. The dusty junction was named after John Balderson, a retired sergeant from the British army who was among the first homesteaders in the area in the 1860s.

So began the Balderson Corners Cheese Factory – and the story of Balderson Premium Aged Cheddars.