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Appleflats, Crabapple Jelly (250mL)

Appleflats, Crabapple Jelly (250mL)

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This low sugar and all natural jelly is perfect for anyone wanting to continue enjoying their morning jam or jelly, without the added sugar. Appleflats' Crabapple Jelly is sweet, smooth and a little zesty, making it a staple in the kitchen. Their Crabapple Jelly is so versatile, you can use it for cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course, baking delicious desserts.

Ingredients: crabapple juice, cane sugar, liquid pectic, citric acid.

The Beginning
The story began in the summer of 1993, when the parents of the two founders Glen and Alex Smyth, along with aunt and uncle, finished building a house on their newly purchased farmer’s field in Wellesley Ontario. They then planted a crabapple tree in their front yard to celebrate the milestone.

The Year 2013
In 2013, Glen Called Monforte, a local restaurant in Stratford to see if they would be interested in buying some Crabapple jam. Monforte gladly bought everything that one crabapple tree could produce, sparking the idea which created Appleflats. The first commercial harvest occurred in August of 2016 and the business began in earnest.

Today, thousands of people enjoy Appleflats crabapple products. All of Appleflats' crabapples are still hand-picked and never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. They are proud to produce natural products made with simple ingredients and without artificial colours or sweeteners.

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