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49th Parallel

49th Parallel, Old School Espresso Coffee Beans (340g) | Blend

49th Parallel, Old School Espresso Coffee Beans (340g) | Blend

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Old School Espresso is 49th’s most traditional and best-selling espresso! Roasted medium-dark, it highlights the sweetness and body of the coffee. Old School is ideal for those who prefer low acidity and full body, with dark chocolate aromas and flavours of cocoa, caramel, and molasses.

Tasting Notes: caramel, nuts, dark chocolate

Recommend Brew Method: Espresso or Filter

About 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

Crafting Specialty Coffee Since 2004.
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia 49th Parallel endeavours to sustainably source and craft exceptional coffee. Their mission is to lead the specialty coffee movement by focusing on exceptional quality coffee, direct trade partnerships and sharing specialty coffee to our customers. To them, this means leaving no detail unconsidered during the entire journey from their partner farmers’ seeds and soil, all the way to each customer’s waiting hands. They live this philosophy every day through deep commitments to Direct Trade, Origins, Freshness, Roasting Excellence, and Quality.

Exceptional Quality Coffee
When it comes to freshness, 49th Parallel is absolutely relentless. Their coffee is minimally warehoused, roasted in small batches daily, packed warm, and always fully nitrogen flushed.

Partnering with Coffee Farmers
At 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, they are committed to delivering great coffee through their 49th Parallel Direct Trade Crop to Cup philosophy. When sourcing coffee, they work closely with farmers to provide ongoing feedback and any assistance they may need, including everything from expertise to investment.

Discover Speciality Coffee
To 49th Parallel, origins are about people — not just places. With every opportunity, they are committed to showcasing a delicious representation of the regions where they source their coffee beans, sharing their love of specialty coffee to you. 49th Parallel visits their worldwide farmers multiple times to learn about their crops, aspirations, and community.


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